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Conveyor Mechanical System Detailed Scope of Work

Routine Maintenance

1. Changing of any parts where repair is not possible including installation of new bearings, pulleys, etc

2. Gearbox dismantling and installation with experienced and knowledgeable fitter

3. Reconditioning of gearbox

4. Providing condition monitoring equipment and monitoring equipment condition by vibration meters, temperature monitors, etc

5. Materials such as belts, laggings and rollers, will be provided by the CONTRACTOR under the established schedule of rates and it is mandatory for the CONTRACTOR to maintain a safe stock and inventory register for all the item of spare parts

6. Basic materials such as bearings, lubrication oil, grease, gasket, cotton rags, paints, canvas and other spare parts will be provided by COMPANY

7. CONTRACTOR shall have sufficient tools and equipment for the WORKS and strict adherence to the preventive maintenance and inspection schedule

8. CONTRACTOR shall upkeep and maintaining the maintenance history book and safe inventory for spare parts for each and every equipment for reference

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