Vcancy Security (3 person) /immediately

Job vacancy..
Company: Bataras Sdn Bhd
Branch: Kolombong
Division: Complex
Position: Security (3 person) /immediately

1) Age from 20-40
2) Malaysian ic holder
3) got experienced as security preferred
4) willing to work on public holiday
5) willing to work overtime
6) NO health conditions problem
7) NOT smoking preferred
8) Living nearer to Bataras Kolombong/ got

own vehicle
9) NO criminals records
10) can read, speak and write malay well
11) strong enough to face pressure in working

Kindly fill in form at Bataras Kolombong
Complex Management.
Please bring your copy ic and pasport pic
TEL. 088438696

Salary: RM 1200 with 3 months probation

#immediately hiring