Vacancy Physiotherapy Centre sabah


Sabah Physiotherapy Centre
Kota Kinabalu


-Responsibilities: Diagnose, assess and treat patient physical problem/ condition 

-Develop and review treatment programmes that encourage exercise and movement by the use of a range of technique Educate patients on their care takers on how to prevent further injury and/or improve current condition 

-Keep up to date with the new techniques and technologies available for treating patients Be caring, compassionate and and professional at all times Key to assisting patients during their recovery from illnesses, injuries, and surgery. 

-Work with patients to manage pain and regain movement in the hospital or clinical setting. 

-Work with others healthcare professionals such as GPs and nurses to exchange information as well to refer patients who require other medical attention Requirements:

Salary & Other benefits

RM 1 700 - 4 500 per month

Other Benefit (Optional)

KWSP PERKESO & EIS High Comissions & Allowances Willing To Work Seriously

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